Roulette Rules and Strategy: Internet Casino Roulette is predictable. Each table has signature sections. Most important of all, every roulette number has its own signature number group. With this you can play like a true Player on the internet casino.

More about rules and strategies to win rouletteMany have tested the internet casinos personally and demonstrated the truth of these statements at many internet casinos. I now put all these statements into my new column for you to enjoy! I am here demonstrate as this website aims to show players how to look for a favorable condition table, then apply my 14-number group to win roulette. Visit casinos online and make extra money.

Using my 14-numbers group or my 8-numbers Roulette Rules and Strategy group to win roulette is just like playing a Roulette Rules and Strategy matching game, find a favorable condition table then win. Should you find the descriptions inside my book “Roulette Fortune Bookie” is not detailing enough, you should be able to find all you needed to know about winning roulette with my 14-numbers within this website. I wish you all… have lots of fun and winning days at the internet casino to come!!

Kaboo all true €200 & 100 free spins - play nowMany enjoy playing football, baseball, or basketball. Some enjoy cracking codes. I just love finding short cuts to Roulette Rules and Strategy winning at online casinos roulette, and I have great fun in the process of doing it. So far, my average of unit win per game is 60%-100% win per game, and my average hit is 1 in 4 spins. I truly believe a Roulette Pro can make a very good living in gambling roulette, unfortunately not everybody can be a Pro.

As most players, simply do not have a true winning system or the “GREED CONTROL” in them. My numbers and methods are all original and created by me. I truly believe that my numbers have one of the highest hitting average amongst the roulette-system-selling industry. On the other hand, I also want to point out that I do not encourage players gambling for a regular income (that including myself). However, part-time or fun time is highly possible.

As gambling requires luck, and we simply cannot just depend on luck for a living… I believe in magic though, and I am here to prove one point – beating roulette is highly possible. Those who are willing to quit after they hit the goal of 60-100% Roulette Rules and Strategy win will always be winners! By the way, kindly be advised that I will not guarantee your win… please do not base on how much I have won or how much your friends have won with my 14-numbers.

Have great fun playing online rouletteRather, to check into the internet casinos strategy yourself, see whether the products have any merits, the powers and the truthful facts that can help you win. Most important things of all… whether you yourself can use the 14-numbers (and other methods), at any real-life gambling, comfortably and efficiently to produce a good profit? It is a proven fact that most winning numbers are followed within a few spins by a member of a certain group of numbers.

This group of numbers is referred here by me as a “Signature Number Group”. And my book the “Roulette Fortune Bookie” is that type of book which contains information regarding signature number groups and black and white real numbers to help players in real action betting at the land based casinos!

My numbers are true internet casino winners! If you ever doubted, Roulette Rules and Strategy please dig out any of your old roulette data, compare every single winning number to my 14-number groups. Now you can see how frequent my numbers can hit? To show you how confident I am, some free signature groups can be found in this website for your review before any purchasing of my products.

Say, in order to find out how frequent my number internet casino groups can score… to see which individual number can score within how many spins… simply just pick up any of your old data, use every single winning number as an individual group number… each individual group number consists of 14-numbers… check and see at what spin, one of these 14-numbers will be scored. With Roulette Rules and Strategy, I believe most of my 14-numbers group can be scored within 1 to 5 spins in on most gaming.

Maple Casino $/€500 plus 30spins at wild Orient - PLAY NOWFor example: #2’s number groups are #1,2,4,5,6,14,17,20,22,26,28,32,35,0. Check, compare and see when will any one of 14 numbers be scored? Some players like to use $25 as a unit, some players like to use $5 as a unit. I am using $1 as a unit here to demonstrate, so my $100 = 100 units.

My Theory:

I propose all my book Roulette Rules and Strategy customers to spend less than a $100 (100 units) to achieve the goal of winning $60-$100. All methods in my books were designed and created by me. Targeting for using as little cash as possible, and achieve the goal of winning $60-$100 at every qualified gaming session.

My goal:

A $100 buy in, to aim and win the goal of $60-$100 per game. Stop loss $100 per game.

To win the goal of $60-$100 is based on one single gaming session only. If you play 6 gaming sessions with the host dealer… the goal should be 6 gaming x $60 win = $360.

My 8-numbers & 14-numbers method:

First, to pre-qualify the dealer/table. So as to look for a favorable condition table, then apply my 14-number group to win roulette. Click here to learn more about prequalify the dealer/table. Click here to learn how to apply my 14-numbers to real life roulette gambling.

This should get ya rolling in that internet casino dough. Roulette Rules and Strategy sit back get into the lobby and smoke an internet casino cigar…!!

Good Luck with Roulette Rules and Strategy